Massage benefits overview

  • Manage Anxiety and Depression
  • Relieve and alleviate pain
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Increase immunity
  • Increases alertness
  • Reduce migraine pressure and pain

Wellness Advisor 

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Blooming Vitality Massage Therapy offer services that are custom-designed and tailored to each individual. While in partnership the results produced in treatment(s) and preventative care are far more noticeable, beneficial and lasting. I'm client-centered and your well-being is my number one priority. Our fusion creates wellness...

     - "thank you so much!! it was a wonderful massage per usual and your new digs are phenomenal!!..."   - K. Hamzik, Chicago, Il

- "Your spirit is something special"  - D. Morgan, Chicago, Il

- "Your hands are healing. You are my new doctor"   -M. King, Chicago, Il

-"You are simply amazing"   - S. Bell, Chicago, Il

What is your stress level?                                                                                 Therapeutic massage plays a vital role in reducing stress levels and make great contributions to our wellness; it also acts as a form of preventative care. Especially, when in fusion with a therapist that focuses on your overall well being, is an active listener and is able to customize treatment sessions, tailored especially for you. As an extra bonus, enjoy the benefit of never having to leave your sanctuary, as I'm able to bring my table to you.

Is pain a constant part of your life?
If the answer is yes (which, most likely it is, as most of us have some sort of chronic pain that we learn to "live" with), the physical symptoms that you're feeling is your body's way of simply alerting you that something is wrong. Traditional medicine treats the symptom(s) but not the root cause of the problem. Holistic medicine, focuses on the whole person; in addition, our fusion will create and maintain the journey to wellness.

Therapeutic Massage work can help!
Therapeutic Massage is an ancient form of healing that relieves sore muscles, reduces stress and pain, improves circulation and range of motion, and restores function. Used regularly, therapeutic massage therapy can often reduce or eliminate the source of pain. Energy Balancing reduces stress, relieves pain and facilitates healing.



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